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Hello again, Pita. I'ts been so long since I've kept up with you. If you didn't need so much html I would use you more.
I have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/eddie.bryan where I have written some notes and post regularly. I also have a place at WordPress where I sometimes say things which is at http://edsaves77.wordpress.com/

Updated Archive Page
I've done a little editing here.
Changed some links.
Had a fight with TruthBook so I deleted their link.
Joined some new singles sites so I added them.
Left Maharaji and his keys on there. I'm having trouble with service there the way I had trouble with seva in Siddha Yoga. Here's a tip - don't make the slightest remark. It will be blown all out of proportion.
Didn't have time to change the colors. They were Elvis' favorites and they don't look bad really.
One more thing, all the old pages can be found in the archives if you would like to read them.

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